Sunday, 15 April 2012

Please can I have?...

And I Walked Tape (Green)


  1. Oh my goodness. I need this in my life. Bad. Rob Ryan? Or Rob Ryan esque. grr. yes please.
    So this blog is already Amazing. I am so happy you're back.... and the blog post below... 'the boy'! You have alot to tell me!
    Forever Love. xxxx

  2. hello there laura! : ) so nice for you to find me on my blog! i am happy to meet nicola's friends : ) i am already hoping to go back to england (maybe next time i'll get to meet you!).
    i LOVE this tape. even the color is amazing : ) i have a rob ryan book & i simply love his work. but this is from etsy? is it rob ryan or a look alike? hmmm : ) i'll have to click & see... : )

  3. I love this tape! So fun & quirky xx